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If you recently had high winds or hail you may have damage to your roof.  So how can you tell?  Sometimes there are clear and obvious signs but many times it takes a professional to be sure.  Here are some things to look for after a storm. 


  • Check nearby trees and bushes.  If the foliage is damaged your roof may have been as well.

  • Severe granual loss.  All roofs lose granuals over time but if you have loss showing the matting beneath you may have had hail damage.

  • Dents in the vents are an easy way to notice hail damage and a real reason to call us for a free inspection. 

  • Broken or lifted shingles. Be sure to check all slopes of the roof, many times damage may only occur on one side.


If you suspect you have damage from a storm it's best to get an inspection right away.  Many insurance policies have a short window allowed for reporting damage.  Feel free to call our insurance specialists, we are here to help you evalute if a claim is in your best interest. 


Submitting Your Claim



We start with a free roof inspection.  If damage is present we take photos to show you.  Identifying hail damage takes a trained eye; many times it is missed by homeowners, contractors and even adjusters.



We help you file a claim with your insurance company and get a claim number.



We meet with the assigned adjuster.  Our goal is to get a full approval on your roof and any other collateral damage.  We work hard to get you a fair settlement. The insurance company sends out an adjuster to protect their interest!  We represent you, the homeowner, and your interests.



With the approval of the insurance company and a negotiated price, you get a new roof for no more than your deductible.



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