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About Us

Serving: West Michigan and
               Northern Michigan


For more than 25 years Midwest Roofing has been serving western Michigan and surrounding communities with superior service and dedication to quality.


To the untrained eye many of the most damaging claims go unnoticed.  That's why it pays to have a Haag Certified Inspector examine your roof.  Even if there are no shingles missing many times seals are compromised, dirt is blown under shingles and other damages occur that may not show symptoms until it's too late to file a claim.  Haag Engineering Certfified inspectors recieve the most comprehensive training available in every area of roof damge and protection. 



Ted Van Duinen and his wife managed the insurance claim and work to repair significant damage to our home from a hail storm in 2014.  Ted accompanied the insurance adjuster to be sure he considered all the damage.  Also, he followed the claim and got us additional funds where necessary to cover repair work.  All the work was done by contractors selected by him and he subsequeently inspeccted the work and checked with me to see I was satisfied with the work completed.  It was a very painless and seamless solution to get the home restored."  -Ron B.


Nancy and I want to express our appreciation to you for all your help with our insurance company and the contractors in getting all the extensive work done that was necessary after the storm last May.  We are so thankful you guys were around to deal with them all.  I would have not known how to go about it all.  We are very pleased with your responses to all our questions and to the way all the work was done in such a professional and timely way.  Thanks again.  -Earnie & Nancy J.

Marc VanGorp

Having lived in Grand Rapids all his life, Marc has built the business on his dedication to serving all the people of West Michigan.  Marc and his wife Jody, of 27 years, have raised their children in the Cedar Spring schools.  His son currently serves in the military as a fire-fighter and his daughter attends school in Cedar Springs. 

Contact our Team

Ted Van Duinen - Office Manager           

616-437-2538  click here to email Ted


Casey Van Duinen - Project Manager

616-745-8475  click here to email Casey


Jamie Van Duinen - Project Manager

616-980-6426  click here to email Jamie



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